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Win World Real-estate Co. has established it’s brand image as a one-stop solution for industrial, commercial, residential investors, providing a wide gamut of services. Witnessing the rapid industrialization over the years at surrounding areas around Howrah, Hoogly, North & South 24 parganas, Midnapore, Purulia, Burdwan, Murshidabad etc. all along NH-2, NH-6, GT Road, Banaras Road, NH-60, NH-34 and others - characterized by increasing demand for land, rapid price hike and mushrooming of unorganized and dishonest brokers, with around maximum of 1, 2, ....1000 acres of land for sale and 2000 sq, 3000,... 2 lac sq. ft. of warehouse for rent and sale. Win World has come up with their team of experts who are deploying their scholastic acumen to provide investment consultancy of the highest level to the investors that would ensure higher revenue to investment ratio for them in the long run.

Full Industry Setup


WinWorld is potent of executing the tasks of construction of high quality factory premises, warehouses, administrative buildings etc. with paramount efficiency that would ensure least time and cost involvement in construction- thereby ensuring maximum value for money of the same to the buyers.

Factory Shed / Warehouse

An investor would not always be ready to grant the time for construction of fresh premise – particularly when he runs short of time deadline as per commencement of operations. Keeping the same in mind, WinWorldRealEstate Co. has also ventured into the business of acquiring and selling of ready premises & warehouses at some of the prime industrial locations. By providing the best quality of premises & warehouses, equipped with proper electricity, exhaust and water facilities, the company can meet up the requirements of investors to the fullest extent at a very short span of time.

Human Resource / Labour Supplier

Amongst all the factors of production [land, labour, capital and organisation], labour or employees are the most important, since they are directly or indirectly interlinked to the rest. Land is prepared by labours, it is they who build machineries & premises, the organisation is run through effective working of employees. Nowadays, many concerns are going for labour/employee outsourcing for certain activities like wiring & fitting, managing of functional areas etc. since it is cheaper compared to maintaining in house resource pool and thus helps in cost curtailing to certain extent. WinWorld Real Estate Co. has got enriched pool of efficient labours and skilled workers which they provide to various industries to meet up their needs at the most reasonable price.

Water / Electricity Service

WinWorld Real Estate co. will meet up the electricity and water requirements of the industry by obtaining permissions from Electricity Board and Water Supply department after evolution of the voltage of power required for the particular industry and the need for water linings at the various areas of the premises.

Filling / Boundry & Fencing

This is the most unspoken of, but a vital aspect of any factory or establishment. A long as there is no fencing, there is no scope of recognition or identity of a given area of land in terms of belongingness to any particular concern. WinWorld helps to construct fencing wall and boundaries for factories made of the best quality of materials and by efficient labours supplied by the company itself.

CCTV Camera / Survelliance System

WinWorld are also providing surveillance systems that are a vital aspect for organisations. They provide CCTV systems like close circuit camera, DVR, computer systems to run the surveillance cameras, IP cameras that assist in viewing a place from distant areas through internet etc.

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