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Win World Real-estate Co. has established it’s brand image as a one-stop solution for industrial, commercial, residential investors, providing a wide gamut of services. Witnessing the rapid industrialization over the years at surrounding areas around Howrah, Hoogly, North & South 24 parganas, Midnapore, Purulia, Burdwan, Murshidabad etc. all along NH-2, NH-6, GT Road, Banaras Road, NH-60, NH-34 and others - characterized by increasing demand for land, rapid price hike and mushrooming of unorganized and dishonest brokers, with around maximum of 1, 2, ....1000 acres of land for sale and 2000 sq, 3000,... 2 lac sq. ft. of warehouse for rent and sale. Win World has come up with their team of experts who are deploying their scholastic acumen to provide investment consultancy of the highest level to the investors that would ensure higher revenue to investment ratio for them in the long run.


Registery / Mutation

Just mere buying of land & buildings do not suffice. The same has to be subject to registry and mutation under the property department of the Government that provides written evidence regarding the ownership of the same by a person or entity. This is essential for calculating the property tax payable by the person/entity to the Government. The processes of registry & mutation of properties are however complex and lengthy and hence, is difficult for the investors to manage solely by themselves. Here comes the need for detailed consultancy upon these aspects by a team of experts. Winworld maintains a pool of highly experienced property and industrial consultants who are capable of executing the registration/mutation activities with seamless efficiency, thereby helping the clients to get rid of all sorts of mental hassles related to property registry/mutation.


A land to be used for industrial or agricultural purposes has to be first converted into the one, suitable for the above aspects i.e. fallow land/barren land are to be converted according to agricultural/industrial needs. Also, an agricultural land may be converted into industrial land if the situation so demands. The process requires labourers who are skilled in the above aspects. Winworld maintains it’s internal pool of such labourers who are expert in land conversion manoeuvre and are hence, fully at the service of the investors looking for industrial/agricultural land.

Project Report

Project report is a documentary structuring of a venture or establishment that comprises of details regarding the nature of business, total investment and area of it’s occupancy, sphere of operations [i.e. only domestic or international as well], details regarding the infrastructure and equipment etc to present before the loan sanctioning department and other concerned departments like pollution, factory licence. Hence, it is a complete picture summary of the organization put down in pen & paper to be presented before the Government for the purpose of land acquisition and subsidy granted by the concerned authority. However, project report being a technical aspect demands specialization in this regard and is hence, not manageable by all. By deploying the expertise of their documentation experts WinWorld assists the investors in furnishing the complete project report that makes them well equipped for land acquisition.

Project Plan

If the focus point of Project report is “What”, that of Project plan is “How”. Winworld assists the investors in coming up with detailed project plans that provide a true & thorough picture of their line of activities pertaining to setting up of factory sheds, administrative buildings, fencing, construction for commercial and residential purposes etc. The same will comprise of thorough details regarding total area involved in construction, mode of operations i.e. whether capital intensive or labour intensive, total no. of labours involved, estimated completion time etc.

Trade License /Fire License / Pollution

No industry can commence operations without trade licence and factory licence and if during inspection of concerned departments, they are found not to be having fire or pollution licence, they can be penalised legally. Hence, licencing plays an extremely vital role. Winworld will take complete onus upon it’s shoulders on behalf of the investor to get through with all the essential licences without any hassles. This will make the industry start up easier and faster.

MSME - SI Certificate

By getting registered under the Micro Small & Medium Enterprises Act as a MSME unit, a firm will enjoy tremendous benefits. It will be able to complement the big players as their ancillary unit and get lots of contracts for jobs from the government sectors. Thus, MSME sector has flourished and diversified at an increasing rate over the last decade and nowadays, almost all the medium sized industries are aspiring for MSME registration. WinWorld helps the investors to achieve this landmark through seamless execution of the essential documentations and other formalities in this regard.

Loan Approval

It is rightly said that Finance is the Life Blood of any industry. No matter, how big, small or intermediate the venture is, it is impossible to take even a step forward without funds. More so in case of manufacturing sectors where, without a minimum of Rs.100 crores , one cannot think of commencement considering the land, set up and machineries’ costs. Hence, business loan is a vital part. WinWorld has got tie ups with an extensive network of Banks and NBFC through which they can arrange for easy loans for the investors, subject to proper documentation. They will arrange for all the essential documents, papers, other financial statements etc. for the investors in order to avail loans without any problems.

Trade License / VAT / P.TAX / CST etc

Win World also assists the investors regarding the legal formalities pertaining to Trade Licence, Vat, P.Tax, Service Tax, CST etc. The team of experienced legal advisors will guide the clients towards getting registered for the above aspects with the least level of difficulties.

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