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Win World Real-estate Co. has established it’s brand image as a one-stop solution for industrial, commercial, residential investors, providing a wide gamut of services. Witnessing the rapid industrialization over the years at surrounding areas around Howrah, Hoogly, North & South 24 parganas, Midnapore, Purulia, Burdwan, Murshidabad etc. all along NH-2, NH-6, GT Road, Banaras Road, NH-60, NH-34 and others - characterized by increasing demand for land, rapid price hike and mushrooming of unorganized and dishonest brokers, with around maximum of 1, 2, ....1000 acres of land for sale and 2000 sq, 3000,... 2 lac sq. ft. of warehouse for rent and sale. Win World has come up with their team of experts who are deploying their scholastic acumen to provide investment consultancy of the highest level to the investors that would ensure higher revenue to investment ratio for them in the long run.

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WinWorld Real estate Co. has craved all the way through over the years to have got recognised as a Name to reckonwith as far as quality real estate consultancy services are concerned. By deploying the cutting-edge expertise and sprawling experience of its pool of dedicated real estate professionals, WinWorld can boast of being at par with the best of the best Real Estate Consultants- not only in Bengal, but all over India. The company is involved in providing high quality of investment consultancy services which are cent percent tailor made- meeting up the requirements of the clients to the fullest extent. They cater to both industrial and residential investors regarding buying & selling of land and properties, leasing, registry & mutation, loan syndication, licencing, furnishing project plans & proposals, land conversion, surveillance infrastructure etc.

Though a Bengal based concern having it’s headquarter at Howrah, WinWorld Real Estate co. has not confined itself within the cloistered shell of Bengal- but has ensured effective diversification at a Pan-India level. The company is having extensive network of skilled human resources and collaborations with premier Financial Institutions all over the country.

They are thus, potent enough to cater to the needs of real estate investors throughout India. However, the company has shown tremendous foresight by choosing Bengal as their main operational point by identifying and harnessing the prime advantages of Bengal which are:

Natural advantage:- Bengal is naturally gifted with fertile alluvial soil which makes it a dwelling place for agriculture – thereby making way for growth of agro-based industries like Jute, Food grains, Seeds etc. This provides 2-way benefits, since on one hand these products act as raw materials for other industries and on the other; they encourage the growth of ancillary industries that aid these industries. Further, Bengal has the best and the most abundant supply of water all over India which makes it a favourable place for growth of industries and residents.

Abundant power supply:- Bengal has got extensive network of power supply that effectively connects the major industrial belts all over the state. With an extensive network of power plants at Kolkata, Hooghly, Purulia, Kolaghat, Durgapur, Murshidabad, Asansol and rich deposits of coal- the raw input at places like Raniganj and Burnpur, Bengal is a Prime power-hub of India. This has helped in attracting important industries over the years along with growth of industrial complexes for residential purposes.

Low cost of living and availability of cheap labours:- Bengal is one of the few states in India where the cost of living is lower than the average figure of the country. Bengal enjoys cost advantage in terms of land, labour, materials, etc. that automatically lowers the establishment and operational costs thereby maximising profitability.

Extensive network of roads, railways and airways:- The transportation chain of Bengal is one of the best in the country. The state is effectively linked with the surrounding states and others through highways [NH-2, NH-6, NH-60, NH-34, Banaras Road etc.], railways connecting industrial points to destination ports, water and airways. This paves way for easy and effective transportation of raw materials and finished products to destinations.

Fast growing with international market:- Bengal is growing fast and big, keeping in pace with the growing needs of the international markets. Thus, business opportunities are flourishing at an increasing rate all over the state.

By capitalising on all the above advantages, WinWorld has gained the Lion’s Share in the Real Estate market of Bengal. They are a one stop solution point for MNCs, Retail stores, Hospitality Sector, Automobile, Banking, Finance, Insurance, Food chain, Restaurants, Health care, Warehouses, Telecommunication, IT and others.


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